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Fair Trade Coffee – Feel Good About Your Morning Cup

June 7th, 2021

Fair trade coffee is coffee that is bought from coffee farmers at a higher than standard wage. This means that the coffee farmers are being justly compensated for their coffee harvest. It is a market-based system that helps coffee producers in developing countries sell their goods to developed countries.

Coffee farmers join coffee cooperatives with other local farmers who produce coffee. The coops then guarantee that the farmers receive a minimum wage for their product. If market prices surpass the minimum wage, the growers receive a premium per pound price. Little by little, the coffee farmers in developing countries lives have been positively changed by fair trade.

The main purpose of these trade coops is to provide farmers and their families with better economic incentives, shelter, food and comfortable working conditions. The communities are able to provide education and health care to the farmers and their families. Each community allocates the funds in a way that they see fit. A way that advances and improves the quality of life in their community. New infrastructure, medical care, education and advancement against poverty in these poor nations has emerged because of the help that has come from the people of developed countries.

In the 1940′s, fair trade began when a few socially aware organizations in North America and Europe decided to help some poverty-stricken areas sell their goods. The organization would help them by finding a better and richer market in which to sell their products. In the global market today, when we as consumers purchase this type of coffee, tea, vegetables, fruits and other products, we can continue to move forward trading fairly with initiatives to sustain the environment and alleviate the exploitation of poverty-stricken communities in the world.

Fair Trade USA, a nonprofit organization, certifies products in the United States for fair trade. They provide the farmers with a market-based system that allows healthy working conditions, fair prices and resources for sustainable lives. This organization continues to work to heighten consumer awareness and dismiss exploitation. They strive to give the farmers the tools to become international business people.

Before trading in a fair manner came into existence, coffee farmers around the world battled conditions that put their land and farms in jeopardy, in order to make a living,. They dealt with agricultural procedures that harmed the ecosystem. Many of them lost their land to big coffee companies that were not paying them a fair wage. Then, in turn, the companies would hire them back at a ridiculous wage to farm on what had been their land. Today, fair trade not only ensures a fair minimum wage to the coffee producers, it works with them on reforestation, water conservation, financial incentives and environmental education.

Fair Trade wages allow coffee farmers a way to keep their farms for generations to come. The farmers are educated with new techniques to sustain and grow their farms and their community. The men and women who grow Fair Trade certified items benefit and the buyers of fair trade coffee can rest assured that their purchase is helping farmers across the world

Exhibitions for Education in North East India

February 7th, 2021

Do you want additional information on educational options in North East India? Most students are usually well aware of what they are interested in as a career by the time they finish their education. However, times change rapidly and new careers are always coming into play. These new careers are also usually in high demand and they pay more for inexperienced candidates. Educational fairs are the best way to learn about emerging careers and most large cities regularly host fairs for students in the May to June period. Educational fairs are particularly popular in northeast India where more than 90% of the population is educated and interested in postgraduate education. Students are also interested in leaving the northeast region to find a better quality of life and higher-paid careers. For North East India, we’ve made a list of educational fairs and exhibitions that should prove invaluable.

Global Gurukul – The Blueprint event management company holds this fair in Northeast India every year. Over 15 cities hold the exhibition and the exhibition aims to bring quality education under one roof. Students can take admission in the fairs or they can browse the different courses to find one they like. The number of colleges at the exhibition varies but more than 200 colleges are expected in the next three years.

Eduquest – This is a very popular and well-known educational fair held in Northeast India. The fair is organized to showcase colleges in South India and colleges from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Punjab participate in it every year. The fair also organizes course-specific fairs like an MBA-fair that is very popular with Northeast students.

Lynchpin – This event management company hosts popular educational fairs in Northeast India. Their annual Edufest Festival is held every year and has proved to be popular fair in Northeast India since the last 11 years. The exhibition displays more than 400 educational institutes and career options. The fair is held right after the final examinations in April making it easier for students to attend and choose a career option. Common venues include Shillong, Guwahati, Aizawl, Agartala, and Imphal and the fair is patronized by more than 2.8 lakh students from all over the Northeast. This exhibition only showcases educational institutions and career options but The EDU-OPTIONS exhibition held from May to July allows students to find and take admission in colleges they are looking for. In 2012, more than 900 students were granted admission directly at the admission making this one of the most popular admission fairs in the state.Of course, there are many more seasonal exhibitions held every year in the region and we recommend you do a Google search to find the best and latest ones.

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